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With an established network of more than 6800 dealers across the country, Tata Tiscon is India’s best-known rebar brand. From Super Ductile range, made specifically for seismic-prone areas to Tiscon 500 grade for heavy-duty construction, these rebars provide superior strength with minimum quantity of steel used.

Tata Tiscon operates in a segment where people value and trust the product above everything else, and we work obsessively to ensure that this trust is never compromised.

Products and Services

Tata Tiscon 500

Tata Tiscon 500 is a high-strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar that gives consistent strength. Click here to know more.

Tata Tiscon SD

With high tensile strength, and superior ductility, Tata Tiscon SD (Super Ductile) high strength ribbed TMT rebars are made to be better prepared for earthquakes in seismic-prone zones. Click here to know more.

Tata Tiscon Footing

A prefabricated rebar kit that minimises construction mistakes and speeds up construction to avoid unnecessary hassles. Click here to know more.

Tata Tiscon Superlinks

High strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bars that provide lateral support to main bars against buckling. They are made with sophisticated machines ensuring strictest quality control to ensure consistency. Click here to know more.


Tata Tiscon, offering a wide range of rebars, is the prominent ISP controlling largest pie of the market. It is available across the country through an established network of nearly 4000 dealers.

  • Designed for construction in seismic prone zones.
  • Provides superior strength for heavy-duty structures while reducing the quantum of steel required.
  • Ensures minimum sulphur and phosphorous content leading to fewer harmful impurities in the steel.
  • Resistant to corrosion so it can be used in coastal areas, or where groundwater is brackish and areas where toxic gas emissions seriously impact the environment.